Pastor's Note

Pastor's Note

Senior Pastor, Rev. Sandra Bonnette-Kim

For the last few days, I have been itching to start spring cleaning around my house. I am so ready to get outside and create a garden, plant some vegetables, declutter our basement and closets, clean out our garage, and put my hammock in our backyard. For so long, we have been cooped up inside gathering up things but now is a time to declutter and clean not only our house but our lives as well.

Over time, we have created messes in our lives, not dealing with issues, keeping grudges, or getting rid of things that are preventing us from truly living as God intended. However, as we do our spring cleaning, plant new flowers and start our gardens, let us remember that as Easter people, we must also have a fresh start. Just as first disciples were given a new beginning after Easter, we have also been given a new beginning. As we wait for Pentecost, it is time for us to get rid of things that are preventing us from truly living as followers of Christ.

When we free ourselves, we will have more room for the Spirit of God to move around us. We can enjoy life and see blessings. We will have more energy and be filled with hope. So, as you plan and start working around your house, remember to work on yourself first. Make room for God and allow the Spirit to move through you and into the world. May we truly experience Pentecost!

Peace and Grace, Pastor Sandra

P.S. Come wearing something RED on Pentecost Sunday, May 28